An “Advance” New Year’s Resolution

Conceptual,notebook on a white table. open diary and pen with 2018 words

Happy 2020 to you, my “patient” readers. I wish you much good health and happiness and importantly, peace-of-mind in this new year. OK – yes – it’s mid-January, so it might be a wee-bit late to be listing our resolutions for the year, but that doesn’t make this piece of advice any less important. I…

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Preventing a Deadly Outcome from a Visit to the Doctor


Today I’m sharing an experience with you in hopes of preventing something we do but don’t think about; something which can be dangerous. At a recent doctor appointment, I found two people in the waiting room just hacking away, coughing up a storm, and very likely infecting others. They were together, and there for only…

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Ac-cen-tu-ate – the Negative?


It’s time to take a trip with the Way-Back Machine to a song many of us heard when we were kids – because our parents played it on the radio or record player. We all sang along! With lyrics by Johnny Mercer, and sung by Ella Fitzgerald (that’s Ella in the photo above), the song…

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“When I’m Sixty-Four” and If I’m Alone….


Back in 2004, I was between husbands, and in my early 50s. As silly as that may sound (“between husbands”), the truth was, I spent 18 years with that status, between divorce and remarriage… and I was alone. “Alone” is the key to today’s post. Back in 2004, I was also diagnosed with a rare…

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The Folly of Driving to the ER


Hugh, a gentleman of about 68 years, lived alone. Hugh wasn’t feeling well. It was just a general feeling that something – who knows what? – just wasn’t right. After a short while, Hugh walked over to see Phil, his next door neighbor. Phil agreed to drive Hugh to the Emergency Room. It took them…

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