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Not sure your pharmacy bill is right? We'll review it and alert you if we find red flags to follow up on. Don't pay more than you should!


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Got an unwelcome or surprise bill? Struggling to manage medical debt? We'll review your bills, check for errors, and negotiate for you.


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Stay on top of medical bills. But don't do it alone. We'll monitor your bills and help you manage them. We'll step in to fix any errors we find.

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Linda Michelson

Linda Michelson

Medical Billing Advocate

Linda Michelson spent 25 years as the Director of Billing for all physician specialties and hospital services at two top academic medical centers. Now, she helps people manage and resolve medical bills and outstanding medical debt. Linda reviews itemized billing statements and insurance documents to find errors and work to fix them. She'll help you dig out of medical debt and negotiate your bills, set up a payment plan, or apply for financial aid.

Jenni Nolan

Jenni Nolan

Medical Billing Advocate

Armed with more than 20 years of experience in medical office management, physician- and hospital coding and billing, and an education in health information management, Jenni Nolan became a Board-Certified Patient Advocate to help overwhelmed healthcare consumers make sense of their health insurance, claims, and medical bills. Jenni helps you rest assured that what you’re paying for healthcare services is correct.

Stephanie Schulz

Stephanie Schulz

Pharmacy Expert

Stephanie Schulz is a Board-Certified Patient Advocate and Certified Senior Advisor. She spent 30 years in the pharmacy industry and developed expertise in the complexities of pharmacy billing and long-term medication billing procedures. She’ll review your pharmacy bills, find and fix errors, and help you navigate your treatment. 

I don't know how to leave Linda a good enough review. I don't have the words. For a few hundred dollars, she got over $60,000 in medical bills reduced to practically nothing. On top of that, you can tell that she really cares about the people she's helping. She literally saved my financial future, and she took away the stress of having to deal with multiple bureaucracies.

Thank you for everything, Linda.

Trevor G

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