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Dealing with healthcare can feel overwhelming. Treatment decisions, insurance denials, and unreasonable medical bills — for yourself or a loved one — can leave you confused, stressed, and feeling alone.

Advocates are here to help.

Sometimes called a patient advocate, healthcare navigator, or health or medical advocate, professional advocates have inside knowledge to make sure you get what you need and deserve. Advocates stand with you through what may be the most difficult time in your life. With an advocate by your side, you are not alone.

Help Is Here
To Guide Your Way

Have a quick question or urgent need? Connect with Umbra to see if and how an advocate can help.

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation.


Facing a complex situation? Managing care for yourself or a loved one? Not sure what to do? Book an advocate to review your situation and make you an Action Plan with clear next steps. (Up to 1.5 hours)



Medical bills stressing you out? Don’t panic—or pay more than you should. We’ll review your medical bills to identify errors and make a plan to resolve or negotiate the bills. (Up to 2 hours)



Getting a new diagnosis can be overwhelming. Don't go it alone. We’ll help you understand your condition (or a loved one’s) and treatment options. Get a written Action Plan with clear next steps. (Up to 2 hours)


Need help with something else?

See our other services or book a block of advocate hours. We’ll match you with an expert from our national network.

Or, choose an advocate on your own from our national network of qualified advocates.

Why Hire an Advocate

Medical Costs are Crazy


of Americans have medical debt and 1 out of 4 owe MORE THAN $5,000


of Americans skip care because of cost

Healthcare confuses almost everyone


of Americans feel “completely lost” about health insurance

$341 billion

is wasted by Americans per year due to healthcare confusion

Doctors sometimes make mistakes

12 million

Americans are
misdiagnosed each year


or more clinic visits
result in diagnostic error

Sources: Forbes,, Kaiser Health News, Kaiser Family Foundation, Bend Financial, U.S. Census Bureau, BMJ Quality & Safety, Diagnosis

Advocates Can Help
  • Choose health insurance
  • Make sense of your benefits
  • Get your care covered
  • Manage denials and appeals
  • Get reimbursed for care
Medical Bills
  • Organize and review your bills
  • Fix billing errors
  • Negotiate medical bills
  • Set up payment plans
  • Get help paying for care
  • Find the right doctors
  • Help you get a diagnosis
  • Help with healthcare decisions
  • Review medications
  • Get ready for appointments

People Love Our Advocates

"When I was faced with multiple illnesses and knee replacement surgery, my advocate was a godsend in navigating 2 stints in rehab and a complicated transition home. She is experienced. persistent and effective when things go wrong.”

- Constance
Mature Mexican Woman

“Our advocate is a tremendous resource for the maddening and confusing healthcare arena. She knows how to listen, is very knowledgeable, and has a great network of professionals that can help. Highly recommend!”

- David
Smiling indian man looking at camera

“Our advocate led my family to invaluable resources, guided us through the process of the illness and hospitalization, coached us on how to get needs met with so many staff. Their team helped our family members understand the confusing diagnosis. We had been lost and frustrated until we happened upon their caring services. It was like having a nurse and a doctor in the family! I cannot imagine how we would have fared without their help.”

- Patricia
Life’s taught me a whole lot about myself

"My advocate is 100% reliable and fights tirelessly for her clients. My bill for a week in hospital with pneumonia was over $120,000 – without insurance. I found my advocate after going through several other lawyers who were very discouraging and asked for large fees to get a tiny discount for me. But my advocate knew that the bill was grossly unfair, did not stop until she felt they would not reduce any further, and got them to reduce it to $20,000. She asked from me only $2,000 in return. I am so lucky to have found her."

- Thomas
Studio portrait of a handsome business man

"My advocate saved me $38,000 in improper medical bills. She was able to get through to the right people and this saved me hours on the phone during the work day without knowing how to get past the admin assigned to take the billing phone calls."

- Ashley
I made a wish, it came true twice

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