Take Charge of Your Health

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, confused, rushed, or uncertain when you go to the doctor? Do you feel like your doctor dismisses your concerns or doesn’t take you seriously?

Want to feel heard and respected? Want to get the best possible care? Learn how to take an active role in your healthcare to get what you need from your doctor/s.


Take the Better Med Visit Course

Unlock the Secrets to Better Med Visits

Become a confident, empowered patient with the Better Med Visit course.

This online course is designed specifically for you to get the skills you need to navigate medical visits. You’ll learn how to effectively voice your concerns, get answers to your questions, and make sure your healthcare fits your needs and priorities.

*This course is offered through the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates' training site, PracticeUP.

After taking the Better Med Visit course, you’ll:

  • Know why, how, and what to prepare for future medical visits
  • Be able to articulate the details of your main concern
  • Feel empowered to speak up to share your beliefs and concerns
  • Be more likely to follow your care plan
  • Feel like you are a key partner in your healthcare
  • Be more satisfied with your healthcare experience

Course details:

  • 5 modules
  • 90 minutes

Special introductory price

Meet your instructor

Gabby Ceccolini

Gabby Ceccolini

Director, Standardized Patient & Assessment Center
Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine
Quinnipiac University

Gabby Ceccolini, MS, is the creator and instructor of the Better Med Visit course. Gabby is a healthcare communication specialist with more than a decade of experience in medical education, teaching future doctors how to talk – and listen to – patients.

Gabby developed this course based on her professional experience and her research into patient-doctor communication. She takes patients inside the structure of medical visits and teaches how to navigate those visits effectively. Gabby will ease your anxiety and help you improve your communications with doctors and other healthcare providers to help you have better healthcare experiences.

Healthcare isn’t simple, but Gabby breaks down how healthcare visits work and teaches you how to prepare for visits, when to speak up, and how to agree on a healthcare plan that works for you.


Book a communications consultation and get one-on-one guidance and coaching from Gabby. Gabby will help you improve your communications and overcome specific obstacles you may be facing.

Course Debrief

30 Minutes


Talk through what you learned in the course and how to apply it to your specific situation.

Price: $90


1 Hour


Get one-on-one coaching and support from Gabby. Book as many sessions as you need.

Price: $180

Why book a consulting session with Gabby:

  • To increase your confidence as a patient during healthcare visits
  • If you want to improve your interactions with doctors or other health professionals
  • If you’ve had a bad experience communicating with a healthcare provider and want to debrief and regroup
  • If you feel overwhelmed by the time pressure of medical visits and need help preparing
  • If you feel uncertain about what you can or can’t say during your visits
  • If you’re too nervous to ask questions or speak up during visits
  • If you feel like you are not taken seriously by your doctor or other provider
  • When you’re planning for an upcoming medical visit and want to be sure you know how to present your situation clearly and effectively
  • When you’re planning to meet a new doctor or other provider
  • To learn how to approach difficult or embarrassing conversations with a doctor
  • To learn how to advocate for yourself or a loved one during a visit

Book A Group Training

Want Gabby to train your company or group on how to get the most out of their healthcare visits? Help your staff, members, or other constituents learn how to advocate for themselves and get the best-possible quality of care.

Gabby can provide live workshops or presentations for your group and/or offer individual employee consultations to address specific questions, concerns, and obstacles.

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