Getting Revenge In The Face of Medical Malpractice

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Doctors are among the most respected profession, ranking second only to nurses, according to Gallup. But medical errors do happen, sometimes with dire consequences. Sometimes, those errors are the result of medical malpractice.

When you or a loved one suffers as the result of a mistake, it’s natural to want revenge. If you think that mistake was the result of medical malpractice, it can be near impossible to see any other solution than to sue.

Over the years, we’ve gotten numerous requests from patients and caregivers who have suffered this kind of harm. They want a patient advocate to help them extract revenge.

Unfortunately, patient advocates can’t always help in these cases. That’s not because they don’t want to help. Advocates are called to the profession because they’re deeply committed to helping patients. But too often, the expert patients need in those moments is a lawyer.

Advocates cannot ethically provide legal help in the case of medical malpractice. It’s NOT that every one of our advocates and care managers wouldn’t want to help. They always want to help! But most health advocates and care managers are not lawyers. (Some are and they may be able to help).

How patient advocates can help in medical malpractice cases

Patient advocates offer help with your journey through the healthcare system. Some may be able to help you navigate the legal system, as well, but they cannot ethically provide legal advice.

Patient advocates can help you identify the healthcare issues or errors that may have occurred. Advocates can help guide you to the appropriate experts to help you with the specifics of your situation.

Medical errors cause great frustration, anger, sadness, and exhaustion. Legal action may be appropriate. But legal cases can take years to resolve. They don’t represent a quick fix. And sadly, they don’t usually do anything nothing to improve the health or quality of life of the person who was harmed.

On the contrary, long, drawn out legal battles can contribute to the sense of loss, anger, and frustration that result from bad healthcare situations.

There may be another way, alongside or instead of legal action, to improve your life or the life of a loved one who was harmed: Take control of your health journey from here.woman using laptop image

How can you take control? Healthcare is so complicated and overwhelming. And often, you feel powerless.

The best revenge: Getting the care you need

Engage as a smart patient (for yourself or on behalf of a loved one).

Consult with others who are experts at getting value and quality from the healthcare system: Make sure you get what you need in a fair and equitable way. Get the care you need and deserve to improve your quality of life and to help you recover as much as possible.

You deserve every chance to improve your health by getting the treatment you deserve and need.  You’ll be stronger and in better shape to fight the good legal fight if you choose to pursue that route.

Where do you find those experts? Easy. We’ve got them! Check our national directory of expert advocates and care managers. These experts are waiting for you and will help you get the resources you need. And, they’ll help you connect with others with expertise they don’t have, such as legal experts if that’s what you need.

Connect with an advocate or care manager. Improve your quality of life.

Happiness and healing are the best revenge!

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