Help Someone Pay for an Advocate

Private advocacy is a paid service. Professional advocates deploy their expertise to help knock down barriers to the care and coverage consumers need.

Everyone deserves to have a professional health advocate by their side, but not everyone can afford it. Can you help someone pay for this valuable service?

We offer three ways to help:

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Help someone you know and care about:

Pay for services for a specific person. You can pay for advocate hours on their behalf here.

Pay it forward:

Pay for services for someone who needs help but can’t pay. We’ll use your funds to pay advocates for pro bono engagements.

Donate to advocacy organizations:

Donate to one of our nonprofit partners supporting patients and caregivers:


The Care Partner Project is a nonprofit organization that offers free checklists that guide patients’ families on how to support their loved ones’ medical care. Written in plain terms with simple to-dos, these tools equip Care Partners to help manage and safeguard their loved ones’ care. Patients get peace of mind that their Care Partners can support them with confidence and grace.


Pulse is a nonprofit community-based organization dedicated to raising awareness about patient safety through advocacy, education, and support. Pulse trains and supports friends and family members to be skilled patient advocates for their loved ones and may provide direct bedside patient advocacy support as well.


RIP Medical Debt is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to end medical debt and be a source for justice in an unjust healthcare finance system. RIP Medical Debt identifies people most in need of medical debt relief and buys their medical debt at a steep discount. Every $1 donated relieves about $100 of medical debt. Medical debt relief is source-based and can't be requested.

Know a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the clinical or financial needs of healthcare consumers?

Tell us about them so we can help amplify their efforts.