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No one should have to navigate their healthcare and health insurance challenges alone. We’re here to help.

Our advocates are experts in healthcare services, health insurance, medical bills, and everything in between. Search our national directory of qualified health/patient advocates to find help for your situation.

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"When I was faced with multiple illnesses and knee replacement surgery, my advocate was a godsend in navigating 2 stints in rehab and a complicated transition home. She is experienced. persistent and effective when things go wrong.”

- Constance
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“Our advocate is a tremendous resource for the maddening and confusing healthcare arena. She knows how to listen, is very knowledgeable, and has a great network of professionals that can help. Highly recommend!”

- David
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“Our advocate led my family to invaluable resources, guided us through the process of the illness and hospitalization, coached us on how to get needs met with so many staff. Their team helped our family members understand the confusing diagnosis. We had been lost and frustrated until we happened upon their caring services. It was like having a nurse and a doctor in the family! I cannot imagine how we would have fared without their help.”

- Patricia
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"My advocate is 100% reliable and fights tirelessly for her clients. My bill for a week in hospital with pneumonia was over $120,000 – without insurance. I found my advocate after going through several other lawyers who were very discouraging and asked for large fees to get a tiny discount for me. But my advocate knew that the bill was grossly unfair, did not stop until she felt they would not reduce any further, and got them to reduce it to $20,000. She asked from me only $2,000 in return. I am so lucky to have found her."

- Thomas
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"Absolutely thrilled with my experience with my advocate. When I first connected I had so many outstanding bills that I wasn’t sure what was what. Two babies and a major surgery left us reeling with close to $100k in medical debt. We are halfway through the process and the billing for the two babies has been almost entirely resolved. We are just thrilled with how quickly she has been able to clear things up. I literally have been trying to deal with it for the past two years. Would 100% recommend using my advocate."

- Ashley
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