Who Might Need
an Advocate

Almost anyone can benefit
from having an advocate by their side.

Advocates can help with:


  • You have no idea what health insurance to get
  • You’ve lost your health insurance and you don’t know what to do
  • Your health insurance is giving you the run-around
  • Just reading your health insurance paperwork makes your head spin
  • You’re trying to get Medicare, Medicaid, or disability benefits for yourself or a loved one


  • You’re worried about medical bills
  • You’ve paid for care out of pocket and need help getting paid back
  • You’re drowning in paperwork and need help to make sense of it
  • You need help negotiating medical bills or setting up a payment plan
  • You need help paying for care


  • You don’t know what’s wrong with you
  • You just got a diagnosis and need to make sense of your options
  • You’re sick and need help to manage your care
  • You need help making healthcare decisions
  • You’re caring for a loved one and need to make sure they’re getting the best care

You’re overwhelmed with healthcare services or health insurance and don’t know where to begin