Find an Advocate to Help You Navigate IBD

Our advocates have deep expertise in navigating complex health conditions, such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) – and making sure you get the care you need. Some advocates specialize in clinical care navigation, while others focus on insurance coverage and medical bills. Whatever issue you're facing, we can help.

Photo of professional patient advocate and pharmacy expert, Michele Mosier

Michele Mosier, PharmD

Doctor of Pharmacy with expertise in insurance and care navigation


Dr. Michele Mosier leverages over two decades of pharmacy expertise to empower individuals on their health journeys. With a focus on holistic wellness and seamless care coordination, Michele ensures comprehensive support through medication management and effective provider communication.

Patient Advocate Jeff Byars

Jeff Byars, NREMT, BCPA

Healthcare insider with health insurance and clinical care expertise


After decades as an Emergency Medicine Technician and health insurance staffer, Jeff Byars turned to patient advocacy. A cancer survivor and caregiver, Jeff knows firsthand how tough it is to navigate healthcare. Get the benefits of Jeff's deep knowledge and experience to guide your journey.

Patient advocate Megan Stewart

Megan Stewart, MS, BCPA

Expert in complex care navigation


Megan Stewart, MS, BCPA, comes to patient advocacy through deep personal experience navigating complex care. She holds a Master's degree from Georgetown University. Now, she uses her experience to help others with medication reconciliation, care navigation, and clinical advocacy.

Patient advocate Dr. Michael Yudelevich

Michael Yudelevich, MD, BCPA

Medically trained advocate with expertise in billing and insurance


Michael Yudelevich holds a Medical Degree and is a Board-Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA). He excels in navigating pharmacy benefits, reviewing medical bills, appealing insurance denials, and reviewing and managing medications. He helps clients manage diagnoses and make treatment decisions. 

Barbara Abruzzo, RN, BCPA

Seasoned RN with 25 years experience advocating for IBD patients


Barbara Abruzzo is a Board-Certified Patient Advocate and nurse with decades of experience. Since day one of her advocacy practice, she has worked with IBS and IBD patients. She helps you get correct diagnoses and access appropriate providers and treatments.

Medical advocate Megann Young, MD, MPH

Megann Young, MD, MPH

Board-certified Emergency Medicine doctor turned patient advocate with medical and insurance expertise


Dr. Megann Young is an Emergency Medicine doctor offering medical advocacy and care management. She helps people understand complex health conditions and treatment options, as well as appealing health insurance denials and helping you get the coverage you need and deserve.

Nurse advocate Jill Ice, MSN, RN, BCPA

Jill Ice, MSN, RN, BCPA

Seasoned nurse advocate specializing in medication and care management


Jill Ice has spent over 30 years in nursing, driven by genuine care for others. Jill provides support and guidance to people navigating complex healthcare situations. She helps patients manage medications, navigate and coordinate care, and ensure the highest-quality of care and patient safety. 

Patient advocate Sara Du Terroil

Sara Du Terroil

Insurance expert ready to help you get coverage for the care you need


Sara Du Terroil is a fierce advocate for health insurance coverage. She knows the ins and outs of insurance rules and uses that knowledge to help you navigate prior authorizations, appeal denials, and get coverage exceptions. Sara can also help you coordinate care and negotiate your bills.

Patient advocate Shailavi Jain, RPh, BCPA

Shailavi Jain, RPh, BCPA

Registered Pharmacist who helps you navigate complex conditions


Shailavi Jain uses her pharmacy training to help you navigate the healthcare system, from researching treatment options to coordinating care. Blending professional expertise and personal experience, Shailavi empowers you to make informed decisions while supporting you every step of the way. 

Medical advocate Dr. Carolyn Trend

Carolyn Trend, MD

Retired pediatrician turned advocate for adults with complex needs


Dr. Carolyn Trend retired as a pediatrician and became a medical advocate for adults with complex healthcare needs. She helps patients coordinate care, manage medications, access clinical trials, and manage rare and serious conditions. She can support at-home or hospital/facility-based care.

Patient advocate Nancy Keller, PhD, BCPA

Nancy Keller, PhD, BCPA

Scientific expert who uses her knowledge to help you navigate care


Nancy Keller traded her lab coat for a career in patient advocacy. She helps patients navigate complex care, especially rare and serious conditions. Nancy helps you find and communicate with healthcare providers expert in your condition and ensures that you get high-quality, safe treatment for your condition.

Patient advocate Darlene Christy, BCPA

Darlene Christy, BCPA

Patient-doctor communications expert and advocate ready to fight for you


Darlene Christy is an expert in qualitative and quantitative research on patient-doctor communications. Now, she uses her deep communications expertise to help you manage your relationship with doctor/s and other providers to ensure you understand your diagnoses and treatment options.

Shiella Dowlatshahi Radel Headshot

Shiella Radel, MS, BCPA

Crohn's and Coliis Foundation New England Board Member


Shiella Dowlatshahi Radel, MS, BCPA, became a fierce advocate for IBD patients after her son was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Shiella is also an author and former biopharmaceutical executive. She specializes in helping patients navigate IBD, chronic and acute pain, and other serious conditions.

Gabrielle Hochberg photo

Gabrielle Hochberg, MHA

Healthcare expert ready to help you navigate care, costs, and coverage


Gabrielle Hochberg, MHA, has personal experience with Crohn's disease and knows firsthand how tough it can be.  With deep professional experience in healthcare and health insurance/managed care, she's ready to help you navigate the care and coverage you and your loved ones need and deserve.

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