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Medical advocate Dr. Carolyn Trend

Carolyn Trend, MD

Specialties include

Medication review and management

Medical advocacy

Getting diagnoses and second opinions

Care coordination and navigation

Clinical trial navigation

Navigating the healthcare system when you are sick, worried about your health, or trying to care for an ill or aging loved one can be confusing, frightening, and often completely overwhelming.

As an independent health advocate and retired physician, I offer a range of services to help ease your burden as you deal with illness, aging, care planning, and communication with your healthcare providers. I can prepare you for medical appointments, translate medical jargon into plain language, and help you find second opinions, clinical trials, and reputable care facilities. I will advocate for you to get the quality healthcare you want and deserve.

I helped countless patients navigate the healthcare system during the 20+ years I worked as a pediatrician, but it was only when a close family member was hospitalized with a serious illness that I truly "got it." I could translate the medical jargon for my family, and I knew how to get things done, and it was still an incredibly stressful time for all of us. My family members frequently asked me, "How does anyone do this alone?" The good news is… you don't have to do it alone.

I am located in New Jersey and offer remote services nationwide. I am ready to be the doctor in your corner!

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