Get to know Gabrielle Hochberg, MHA

Gabrielle Hochberg

Gabrielle Hochberg, MHA

Specialties Include

Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis

Medical billing review and resolution

Insurance navigation and prior authorization

Help communicating with your doctor and other healthcare providers

In-person attendance during hospitalizations or medical visits to ensure safety and prevent errors

Informed decision-making

Are you scared about an upcoming procedure, hospital stay, or diagnoses? Are you drowning in medical bills that confuse you, or do you need your insurer to pay for a service you had? Or, could it be something else?

Whatever your situation is, Gabrielle Hochberg, MHA, can help. Gabrielle comes to patient advocacy with deep expertise in health policy, health consulting, and health insurance. She uses knowledge built from a breadth of health industry professional experience to help you navigate and manage your care.

Gabrielle works to ensure you receive the health insurance benefits and healthcare services that you deserve. She knows the health care system and how it works. Healthcare is her passion, and you are her priority! She will work hard to resolve your issues and concerns.

Among the ways Gabrielle cane help include:

  • Go to the hospital with you to help prevent errors
  • Review your healthcare bills for proper coding and billing, and negotiate them, if needed
  • Work with doctors to understand the plan of care and coding decisions
  • Work with insurers to cover your services and to obtain preauthorization

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