Get to know Jeff Byars, NREMT, BCPA

Patient Advocate Jeff Byars

Jeff Byars, NREMT, BCPA

Specialties include

Care coordination and navigation

Treatment option research

Health insurance prior authorization and appeals/denials

Second opinions

Cancer care and complex condition navigation

Have you found yourself lost when it comes to healthcare?

Has navigating the healthcare system become a frustration?

Are you pressed for time to juggle healthcare and your daily life?

We are here to help with these situations. We can help make the process better.

Jeff and his team can assist you in navigating almost any type of medical situation. From selecting a physician to second opinions to traveling for care, we can help take some of the burden away by easing the process.

Jeff has experience working with IBD patients to navigate and facilitate the transfer of records, assist with the transition between insurance plans, and schedule appointments. He can help you navigate IBD care as well.

Jeff has been in and around the healthcare industry his entire professional career. He has been a licensed Emergency Medical Technician for over 31 years, providing patient care in both for-profit and nonprofit settings. He holds a degree in accounting from UAB. He worked for Alabama’s largest health insurance provider for 14 years where he conducted reimbursement audits for both private and governmental insurance. He has also worked for the state’s largest hospital system reimbursing clinical trials. Essentially, Jeff had set foot inside almost every hospital in Alabama and had also done work in various hospitals across the country. He has vast experience dealing with the many players in our healthcare systems.

Jeff is also himself a cancer survivor and understands how it feels to be standing in the shoes of a patient. Additionally, his daughter was found to have a tumor at the age of 7 months. Her path to recovery took many twists and turns, including a misdiagnosis, several major surgeries, chemotherapy treatments, proton radiation treatments, a stem cell transplant, more blood transfusions than they could count, and a temporary relocation 900+ miles away from home for her care. Through all of these experiences, he has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of healthcare. It is this life-long experience that sets him apart.

Let Jeff help you navigate the healthcare system, research treatment options, and untangle the healthcare bills.

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