Get to know Michael Yudelevich, MD, BCPA

Patient advocate Dr. Michael Yudelevich

Michael Yudelevich, MD, BCPA

Specialties include

Coordinating care and medical decisions

Navigating chronic care

Reviewing and resolving medical bills

Managing insurance denials, prior authorizations, and appeals

Reviewing, reconciling, and managing medications

Michael Yudelevich, MD, BCPA, specializes in medical navigation and care management. Michael also focuses on effectively navigating through many of the financial complications the medical system presents via insurance claim management, appeals, medical debt resolution, prior authorizations, and other related topics.

After medical school and a medical internship, Michael worked in care management and clinical operations for a functional medicine practice, focusing on root-cause medicine and supporting patients with chronic disease. 

As an advocate, Michael helps people navigate the complex healthcare system. As a trained medical doctor, Michael understands how doctors think and helps facilitate doctor-patient relationships to ensure you feel listened to, get your questions answered, and gain a full understanding of your treatment options. Michael serves as a liaison between individuals and the healthcare system, offering guidance, support, and education.

Michael's path to independent advocacy has allowed him to support thousands of individuals. He is looking forward to connecting with you today!

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