Get to know Darlene Christy, BCPA

Patient advocate Darlene Christy, BCPA

Darlene Christy, BCPA

Specialties Include

Provider communication

Care navigation and coordination

Hospital admissions and discharge

Patient safety

Darlene Christy is a Board-Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) who helps people navigate the complex healthcare system. She helps patients be proactive in their healthcare instead of reactive.

Darlene is an expert in patient-provider communication. She began her career in qualitative and quantitative research, including healthcare research designed to help manage the dialogue in doctor-patient communication. Darlene traveled nationwide for more than fifteen years, recording exam room visits, and conducting in-depth interviews with patients, physicians and other allied healthcare professionals. She also specialized in recruiting physicians for disease-specific research studies and focus groups.

Now, she helps you manage your relationship with your doctor/s and other healthcare providers to ensure you understand your diagnoses and treatment options.

Darlene's patient advocacy practice was inspired by a personal health crisis. In 2021, Darlene's husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and experienced severe complications during treatment.

Leveraging her healthcare knowledge to navigate the complex system, coordinate care, and act as a liaison between providers, Darlene ensured her husband received the care he needed during his 40-day hospital stay and time in the intensive care unit. He is now cancer-free and thriving.

Her passion for advocating for those unable to do so themselves, particularly solo seniors without nearby support, is one of her specialties.  Darlene provides concierge services for individual patients and their families, helping them be proactive in their healthcare.

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