Get to know Jill Ice, MSN, RN, BCPA

Nurse advocate Jill Ice, MSN, RN, BCPA

Jill Ice, MSN, RN, BCPA

Specialties Include

Medication review

Care navigation, coordination, and management

Hospital admissions and discharge

Finding and communicating with healthcare providers

Are you struggling with understanding your healthcare? Are you having difficulty getting the answers you need about your healthcare? Are you overwhelmed managing the care of a family member or friend?

Jill Ice, MSN, RN, BCPA and her team can help. With compassion and collaboration, Jill provides peace of mind for you, your family, and your care providers. Jill provides you with the knowledge and support to take ownership of your healthcare decision-making.

Her mission is to empower you to have a voice in your care and access to the information you need to make informed decisions. She is dedicated to helping you achieve safe and effective healthcare.

Jill's services are specific to each client. They may include:

  • Accompaniment to doctors’ appointments (note taking during appts.)
  • Medication reviews and coordination to encourage compliance and minimize conflicts (develop medication calendars)
  • Facilitation of communication among patients, caregivers, and doctors
  • Interpretation of difficult medical information and terminology to make them more patient friendly
  • Coordination of appts (lab, radiology, doctors)
  • Development of a list of questions for patients to ask their providers
  • Development of medical timelines
  • Coordination with other professionals who help patients, such as social workers, nursing home or assisted living administrators

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