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Patient advocate Sara Du Terroil

Sara Du Terroil

Specialties Include

Prior authorizations

Appeals and denials

Coverage exceptions

Benefits navigation

Medical bill review and resolution

Mental health and substance use

Care management and coordination

Sara Du Terroil is an independent advocate with particular expertise in mental and behavioral health, but she can apply her skills to help clients with any chronic condition.

Sara is a licensed insurance consultant working to improve access to necessary care and a former labor law attorney in the UK. She knows how to work around and break through the barriers that insurance companies like to put in your way. She will leave no stone unturned in moving your claims forward – appeals and external reviews, state complaints, grievances – whatever it takes to get services in place and keep them there. With ERISA-governed plans, Sara encourages a team approach by seeking a contact within the employer.

Sara can help with the following:

  • What type of plan do I have?
  • Do the mental health parity rules apply to me?
  • Can my employer intervene with my health plan?
  • What is a single case agreement and do I need one?
  • What is an Allowed Amount and why is it so important?
  • My child is in crisis – what can I do about it?
  • I am going to an out-of-network mental health provider – how can I work with them to make sure I am reimbursed?
  • Can my state regulator help me? Where do I find them?
  • My stage-one appeal was denied – what next?
  • Is this a clinical support need, or an educational one?

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