The Better Med Visit

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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, confused, rushed or uncertain during your medical visits? Do you feel like your concerns aren’t being heard?

Introducing The Better Med Visit course, a comprehensive online program designed specifically to equip you with the skills and understanding you need to navigate medical visits effectively.

This course will help you become an engaged and empowered participant in your healthcare journey. You’ll learn how to effectively voice your concerns, get answers to your questions, and make sure your healthcare fits your needs and priorities. The course is meant to boost your confidence during future medical visits.

After taking the Better Med Visit course, you’ll:

  • Know why, how, and what to prepare for future medical visits
  • Be able to articulate the details of your main concern
  • Feel empowered to speak up to share your beliefs and concerns
  • Be more likely to follow your care plan
  • Feel like you are a key partner in your healthcare
  • Be more satisfied with your healthcare experience