Healthcare Navigation for Students and Young Adults

Your college kid is barely a kid anymore. But they’ll always be YOUR kid. If your child has a medical or mental health condition, it can be hard to let them go. But you don’t have to send them off to college alone.

As professional health advocates, we’re here to help manage their healthcare.

Sign up for our College Health Navigator Plan and get peace of mind knowing your child has the support they need.


What is a Patient Advocate?

Patient advocates are independent experts who work for you and your family. They'll help your young adult child navigate healthcare or coverage and make sure they get what they need. 

Get Peace of Mind Knowing You're Prepared

When your child turns 18, you can't legally get involved in their care without their permission. Most young adults aren't ready to manage on their own, but many won't ask their parents for help.

That's where we come in.

With our Healthy Launch package, we'll help you make sure your family is prepared for any medical or mental health issues that could arise.

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Healthy Launch

Healthcare assessment and Action Plan


Want ongoing support? College Health Navigator is there for your kid.

Sign up for College Health Navigator so your child never has to navigate healthcare alone.

Whether your child has a medical or mental health condition, or you're worried about health issues that might arise, make sure they have access to a trusted adult with our College Health Navigator Plan.

College Health Navigator

Ongoing healthcare and insurance support


per semester


per academic year (a 14% discount)

What's included:

  • A dedicated professional advocate matched to your child's needs
  • 5 hours per semester to use your advocate as needed (sign up for additional hours any time)
  • Consultations from specialized advocates from our broader network, if needed
  • Expert support in a medical or mental health crisis
  • Accompaniment to appointments, procedures, or the emergency room (may require add-on hours)

What We Can Do For You and Your Student

How your advocate can help:

We do NOT give advice. When it comes to decision-making, you, your child, and their medical team know best. While we can help students identify the factors to consider in their decisions, we do not share our own opinions. Our role is to empower patients to make the right decisions for themselves.

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How It Works

Healthy Launch

  • Upload key healthcare information

    Fill out a healthcare survey and upload your health insurance information.

  • Get your personalized Action Plan

    We'll customize an Action Plan for you to prepare for any medical or mental health issues that arise. 

  • Follow the plan

    Take steps to get your child's paperwork, care, and coverage set up.

Health Navigator

  • Tell us about your needs

    Get started by sharing some information with us about your needs.

  • Choose your personal advocate

    Once you sign up, we'll provide a choice of advocates tailored to your needs. You can change advocates at any time.

  • Enjoy peace of mind

    Rest easy knowing that your child has access to a trusted expert to support them.


Meet some of our advocates

Carrie S

Carrie Schluter

Board-Certified Patient Advocate

Carrie Schluter is a Board-Certified Patient Advocate focused on college students. After spending her early career in environmental communications at National Geographic and leading nonprofits, Carrie found her calling as a patient advocate. A series of family health crises revealed how challenging – and downright perilous – it can be to navigate the healthcare system, particularly during crises. With a heart for service and a mind for strategy, Carrie is motivated by the conviction that all patients deserve to be heard.

Patient advocate Shailavi Jain, RPh, BCPA

Shailavi Jain, RPh

Board-Certified Patient Advocate

Shailavi Jain is a Registered Pharmacist and Board-Certified Patient Advocate. She specializes in working with college students to navigate an acute or chronic situation, based on her professional expertise and personal experience managing loved ones' care. Shailavi helps you navigate healthcare, from researching treatment options and specialists to attending appointments and facilitating communications with doctors. She is committed to making sure your child gets the care they need and deserve.

Patient advocate Sara Du Terroil

Sara Du Terroil

Licensed Insurance Consultant

Sara Du Terroil is a health insurance expert who specializes in helping people access the mental health care they need. She is fierce advocate for mental health insurance coverage. She knows the ins and outs of insurance rules and expertly helps you navigate prior authorizations, appeal denials, and get coverage exceptions. Sara can also help coordinate care and negotiate your mental health bills. With a history of working with young adults, she can help manage a mental health crisis and coordinate a full range of benefits.

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Healthy Launch


College Health Navigator (Semester)


College Health Navigator (Year)


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